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The first home Kyle ever built was a tree house for his three awesome kids. Sometime after that he began a major remodel on a mid-century home for his family and was heavily involved in all aspects of the project. A year or so later he was part of a team that designed and built the family lake house in East Texas. He discovered building really suited him and it seemed that he had a knack for it as well. He built commercially for a while, but found residential much more enjoyable. His true passion is learning how to build the most efficient and sustainable homes that can be built and now does this alongside his son and partner Connor. 

When he's not working, Kyle enjoys biking, sailing, being outdoors and spending time with his wife, Christy, and his three kids.

Connor is a graduate from Baylor University. He has always been deeply involved in community adventures; he helped to develop the Dallas High School Meals on Wheels advisory board, which is still active today. He is a self-proclaimed techie and stays on the leading edge of any technology that can enhance his own life as well as the customers. “I truly enjoy the fact that the changes I help people make to their little slice of the American Dream is something that they will enjoy and be proud of for years to come.”

Kyle and Connor are extremely proud of the homes they have built and are building; their focus is on their customers, the environment, and the union of the two.

The homes built by Fagin Partners are efficient, sustainable, consistent and include the forethought to make it the most comfortable home for their customer. The attention to detail in each home allows each customer to be sure their home is uniquely theirs.

Fagin Partners sees the value in doing good for the environment but also appreciate that these efficiencies greatly impacts the customers. Through innovative materials and technology we create our unique yet comfortable homes. We are constructing homes today to prepare for the changes and needs of the future.

At Fagin Partners, we sacrifice profit on each project to create a high preforming product that pays our customers back every month, year after year.